• Angels : Dark Room (Vinyl)
Track Listing

1. No Secrets (The Angels)
2. Poor Baby (The Angels)
3. Medley Recording - Wasted Sleepless Nights / Dark Room: Wasted Sleepless Nights (The Angels)
4. Medley Recording - Wasted Sleepless Nights / Dark Room: Dark Room (The Angels)
5. Face The Day (The Angels)
6. Night Comes Early (The Angels)
7. Alexander (The Angels)
8. The Moment (The Angels)
9. I'm Scared (The Angels)
10. Devil's Gate (The Angels)
11. Back On You (The Angels)
12. Alexander (Early Take) (The Angels)
13. Hot Shit (The Angels)
14. Hard Sell (The Angels)
15. Staring Voices (The Angels)
16. I'm Scared (Live) (The Angels)
17. Face The Day (Single Edit) (The Angels)
18. Public Enemy (The Angels)
19. Into The Heat (The Angels)
20. No Secrets (The Angels)
21. Poor Baby (The Angels)
22. Wasted Sleepless Nights / Dark Room (The Angels)
23. Face The Day (The Angels)
24. Night Comes Early (The Angels)
25. Alexander (The Angels)
26. The Moment (The Angels)
27. I'm Scared (The Angels)
28. Devil's Gate (The Angels)
29. Back On You (The Angels)
30. Alexander (Early Take) (The Angels)
31. Hot Shit (The Angels)
32. Hard Sell (The Angels)
33. Staring Voices (The Angels)
34. I'm Scared (Live) (The Angels)
35. Face The Day (Single Edit) (The Angels)
36. Public Enemy (The Angels)
37. Into The Heat (The Angels)

Angels : Dark Room (Vinyl)

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