• America : Original Album Series: 5CD (CD Box Set) Second Hand
2ND HAND and GUARANTEED: Out-of-print Collection of first 5 LPs 1971 - '75
Track Listing

1. Riverside (Album Version) (America)
2. Sandman (Album Version) (America)
3. Three Roses (Album Version) (America)
4. Children (Album Version) (America)
5. A Horse with No Name (Album Version) (America)
6. Here (Album Version) (America)
7. I Need You (Lp Version) (America)
8. Rainy Day (Album Version) (America)
9. Never Found the Time (Album Version) (America)
10. Clarice (Album Version) (America)
11. Donkey Jaw (Album Version) (America)
12. Pigeon Song (Album Version) (America)
13. Ventura Highway (Album Version) (America)
14. To Each His Own (Album Version) (America)
15. Don't Cross the River (Album Version) (America)
16. Moon Song (Album Version) (America)
17. Only in Your Heart (Album Version) (America)
18. Till the Sun Comes Up Again (Album Version) (America)
19. Cornwall Blank (Album Version) (America)
20. Head and Heart (Album Version) (America)
21. California Revisited (Album Version) (America)
22. Saturn Nights (Album Version) (America)
23. Muskrat Love (America)
24. Wind Wave (Album Version) (America)
25. She's Gonna Let You Down (Album Version) (America)
26. Rainbow Song (Album Version) (America)
27. Submarine Ladies (Album Version) (America)
28. It's Life (Album Version) (America)
29. Hat Trick (Album Version) (America)
30. Molten Love (Album Version) (America)
31. Green Monkey (Album Version) (America)
32. Willow Tree Lullaby (Album Version) (America)
33. Goodbye (Album Version) (America)
34. Miniature (Instrumental) (America)
35. Tin Man (Album Version) (America)
36. Another Try (Album Version) (America)
37. Lonely People (Album Version) (America)
38. Glad to See You (Album Version) (America)
39. Mad Dog (Album Version) (America)
40. Hollywood (Album Version) (America)
41. Baby It's Up to You (Album Version) (America)
42. You (Album Version) (America)
43. Old Man Took (Album Version) (America)
44. What Does It Matter (Album Version) (America)
45. In the Country (Album Version) (America)
46. Daisy Jane (Album Version) (America)
47. Half a Man (Album Version) (America)
48. Midnight (Album Version) (America)
49. Bell Tree (Album Version) (America)
50. Old Virginia (Album Version) (America)
51. People in the Valley (Album Version) (America)
52. Company (Album Version) (America)
53. Woman Tonight (Album Version) (America)
54. The Story of a Teenager (Album Version) (America)
55. Sister Golden Hair [Album Version] (America)
56. Tomorrow (Album Version) (America)
57. Seasons (Album Version) (America)

America : Original Album Series: 5CD (CD Box Set) Second Hand

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