• Watermelon Slim : Ringers (CD) Second Hand
Track Listing

1. Good Old Boys Never Change (Watermelon Slim)
2. Tight Fittin' Jeans (Watermelon Slim)
3. Truck Drivin' Buddy (Watermelon Slim)
4. He Went To Paris (Watermelon Slim)
5. If There Is Any Heaven (Watermelon Slim)
6. Please Take This Cup (Watermelon Slim)
7. No Way To Reach Nirvana (Watermelon Slim)
8. End Of The Line (Watermelon Slim)
9. Cowboys Are Common As Sin (Watermelon Slim)
10. Soft Lights And Hard Country Music (Watermelon Slim)
11. I Appreciate That (Watermelon Slim)
12. And So Our Song Ends (Watermelon Slim)
13. Living With A Lie (Watermelon Slim)
14. Letter To Stoney (Watermelon Slim)

Watermelon Slim : Ringers (CD) Second Hand

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