• Jimmy Little : Definitive Collection: 2CD (CD)
36 tracks 1959-2001
Track Listing

1. Danny Boy (Jimmy Little)
2. Little By Little (Jimmy Little)
3. Shadow Of The Boomerang (Jimmy Little)
4. Kissing Someone New (Jimmy Little)
5. Mary Said (Jimmy Little)
6. Little Green Valley (Jimmy Little)
7. Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals (Jimmy Little)
8. Royal Telephone (Jimmy Little)
9. One Road (Jimmy Little)
10. Smile (Jimmy Little)
11. Eternally (Jimmy Little)
12. Christmas In The Air (Jimmy Little)
13. Too Many Times (Jimmy Little)
14. Walking Talking Teardrop (Jimmy Little)
15. Wildflower (Jimmy Little)
16. Husbands And Wives (Jimmy Little)
17. Theres A Heartache Following Me (Jimmy Little)
18. Anne (Dont Go Runnin) (Jimmy Little)
19. Winterwood (Jimmy Little)
20. Baby Blue (Jimmy Little)
21. Australia Downunder (Jimmy Little)
22. Dance With Me (Just One More Time) (Jimmy Little)
23. Goodbye Isnt Really Good At All (Jimmy Little)
24. I Wouldnt Want To Live If You Didnt Lo (Jimmy Little)
25. Mexicali Rose (Jimmy Little)
26. I Love You More And More Everyday (Jimmy Little)
27. Pearly Shells (Jimmy Little)
28. Beautiful Woman (Jimmy Little)
29. Is This Love (Jimmy Little)
30. Down Below (Jimmy Little)
31. Under The Milky Way (Jimmy Little)
32. The Way I Made You Feel (Jimmy Little)
33. Thankyou For The Dreamtime (Jimmy Little)
34. Surely God Is A Lover (Jimmy Little)
35. You Put A Spell On Me (Jimmy Little)
36. This Is The Truth (Jimmy Little)

Jimmy Little : Definitive Collection: 2CD (CD)

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