• Dolly Parton : Essential: 2CD (CD) Second Hand
2ND HAND and GUARANTEED: Gold discs
Track Listing

1. Here You Come Again (Single (2002 Remaster)) (Dolly Parton)
2. Dumb Blonde (Dolly Parton)
3. Two Doors Down (Dolly Parton)
4. Just Because I'm A Woman (Dolly Parton)
5. Heartbreaker (Single (2002 Remaster)) (Dolly Parton)
6. My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy (Dolly Parton)
7. I Really Got The Feeling (Dolly Parton)
8. Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8) (Single (2002 Remaster)) (Dolly Parton)
9. You're The Only One (Dolly Parton)
10. Joshua (Single (2002 Remaster)) (Dolly Parton)
11. Starting Over Again (Dolly Parton)
12. Coat Of Many Colors (Dolly Parton)
13. Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You (Single (2002 Remaster)) (Dolly Parton)
14. Touch Your Woman (Dolly Parton)
15. My Tennessee Mountain Home (Dolly Parton)
16. 9 To 5 (2004 Remastered Version) (Dolly Parton)
17. But You Know I Love You (Dolly Parton)
18. Jolene Single (2002 Remastered Version) (Dolly Parton)
19. Single Women (Dolly Parton)
20. Please Don't Stop Loving Me (Dolly Parton)
21. Heartbreak Express (Dolly Parton)
22. I Will Always Love You (Original Version) (Dolly Parton)
23. Love Is Like A Butterfly (Dolly Parton)
24. Islands In The Stream (Dolly Parton)
25. The Bargain Store (Dolly Parton)
26. Save The Last Dance For Me (Dolly Parton)
27. The Seeker (New Edit) (Dolly Parton)
28. Tennessee Homesick Blues (Single Version) (Dolly Parton)
29. We Used To (Dolly Parton)
30. God Won't Get You (Dolly Parton)
31. All I Can Do (Single (2002 Remaster)) (Dolly Parton)
32. To Know Him Is To Love Him (Dolly Parton)
33. Light Of A Clear Blue Morning (Dolly Parton)
34. Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That (Clean Version) (Dolly Parton)
35. It's All Wrong, But It's All Right (Dolly Parton)
36. Rockin' Years (Clean Version) (Dolly Parton)
37. Shine (Dolly Parton)

Dolly Parton : Essential: 2CD (CD) Second Hand

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