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Shadows - Essential Collection: 2CD [CD] [Second Hand]

Shadows - Essential Collection: 2CD [CD] [Second Hand]

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Track Listing

1. Apache (The Shadows)
2. Guitar Tango (The Shadows)
3. Mary-Anne (The Shadows)
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water (The Shadows)
5. Parisienne Walkways (The Shadows)
6. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (The Shadows)
7. The War Lord (The Shadows)
8. Black Is Black (The Shadows)
9. Back Home (The Shadows)
10. It's Been A Blue Day (The Shadows)
11. You're The One That I Want (The Shadows)
12. Don't Make My Baby Blue (The Shadows)
13. Shazam (The Shadows)
14. Genie With The Light Brown Lamp (The Shadows)
15. Les Girls (The Shadows)
16. Theme For Young Lovers (The Shadows)
17. Walk Don't Run (The Shadows)
18. The Dreams I Dream (The Shadows)
19. Kon-Tiki (The Shadows)
20. Dance On (The Shadows)
21. Midnight (The Shadows)
22. Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto (The Shadows)
23. The Frightened City (The Shadows)
24. Atlantis (The Shadows)
25. Stardust (The Shadows)
26. Peace Pipe (The Shadows)
27. Geronimo (The Shadows)
28. 36-24-36 (The Shadows)
29. Chattanooga Choo Choo (The Shadows)
30. F.B.I. (The Shadows)
31. 1861 (The Shadows)
32. The Rumble (The Shadows)
33. Brazil (The Shadows)
34. See You In My Drums (The Shadows)
35. Good Vibrations (The Shadows)
36. A Place In The Sun (The Shadows)

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