• Toilet Boys : Toilet Boys (CD) Second Hand
2ND HAND and GUARANTEED: Australian edition with 1 bonus track 'You Got It'
Track Listing

1. Party Starts Now (Toilet Boys)
2. Heartstopper (Toilet Boys)
3. Can't Wait (Toilet Boys)
4. Future Is Now (Toilet Boys)
5. Saturday Nite (Toilet Boys)
6. Hollywood (Toilet Boys)
7. Runaway (Toilet Boys)
8. Ride (Toilet Boys)
9. Another Day in the Life (Toilet Boys)
10. Good Times Roll (Toilet Boys)
11. Blue Halo (Toilet Boys)
12. Rock 'n' Roll Whore (Toilet Boys)
13. Kiss in the Wind (Toilet Boys)
14. [Untitled Hidden Track] (Toilet Boys)

Toilet Boys : Toilet Boys (CD) Second Hand

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