Record Store Day 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

Record Store Day 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 22/04/2024

When is it?

This year, RSD is on the 20th of April.

How do we line up?

Like previous years, we're doing the 'first come first served' lineup. Doors open at 8AM. 

Do you have a list?

18/04/24 Edit: YES. Click me for the full list.

22/04/24 Edit: Click me to see the remaining stock you can buy online. 

Not yet. Due to strict (but necessary) embargoes, the records only arrive in the shop shortly before the date. Don't worry! You will have time to choose whether to line up or not. We will post the complete list of our in-stock releases before the day. Like every other year, we only publish the list when we are sure of what we've received.

(Sometimes the things we order just don't show up on the day. So we don't post what we've ordered, sorry.)

Can I reserve a release? 

Short answer: no.

The intent here is to encourage people to get out and visit their local record stores, instead of ordering online or from large retail chains. For this reason, we can't allow any pre-orders or holds of RSD releases.

To discourage re-selling and scalping behaviours, each RSD release is limited to one copy per person. 

(We don't make the rules--these are the rules for all record stores participating in RSD. If we don't follow these rules, we risk not being able to participate in another future RSD.)

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