• Joan Armatrading : Love And Affection: Classics (1975-1983) (CD) Second Hand
2CD 2ND HAND and GUARANTEED 43 track collection
Track Listing

1. Cool Blue Stole My Heart (Joan Armatrading)
2. Travel So Far (Joan Armatrading)
3. Dry Land (Joan Armatrading)
4. Down To Zero (Joan Armatrading)
5. Help Yourself (Joan Armatrading)
6. Love And Affection (Joan Armatrading)
7. Water With The Wine (Joan Armatrading)
8. Save Me (Joan Armatrading)
9. Somebody Who Loves You (Joan Armatrading)
10. Flight Of The Wild Geese (Joan Armatrading)
11. Woncha' Come On Home (Joan Armatrading)
12. Show Some Emotion (Joan Armatrading)
13. Warm Love (Joan Armatrading)
14. Kissin' And A Huggin' (Joan Armatrading)
15. Willow (Joan Armatrading)
16. Barefoot And Pregnant (Joan Armatrading)
17. Bottom To The Top (Joan Armatrading)
18. You Rope You Tie Me (Joan Armatrading)
19. Your Letter (Joan Armatrading)
20. Mama Mercy (Joan Armatrading)
21. Steppin' Out - Live (Joan Armatrading)
22. Rosie (Joan Armatrading)
23. How Cruel (Joan Armatrading)
24. He Wants Her (Joan Armatrading)
25. I Really Must Be Going (Joan Armatrading)
26. Me Myself I (Joan Armatrading)
27. Ma-Me-O-Beach (Joan Armatrading)
28. Friends (Joan Armatrading)
29. Is It Tomorrow Yet? (Joan Armatrading)
30. Turn Out The Light (Joan Armatrading)
31. All The Way From America (Joan Armatrading)
32. Feeling In My Heart (For You) (Joan Armatrading)
33. Simon (Joan Armatrading)
34. I'm Lucky (Joan Armatrading)
35. When I Get It Right (Joan Armatrading)
36. The Weakness In Me (Joan Armatrading)
37. No Love (Joan Armatrading)
38. (I Love It When You) Call Me Names (Joan Armatrading)
39. Drop The Pilot (Joan Armatrading)
40. Everybody Gotta Know (Joan Armatrading)
41. What Do Boys Dream? (Joan Armatrading)
42. Frustration (Joan Armatrading)
43. Heaven (Joan Armatrading)

Joan Armatrading : Love And Affection: Classics (1975-1983) (CD) Second Hand

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