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Tism - Www.Tism.Wanker.Com: 4CD [CD Box Set]

Tism - Www.Tism.Wanker.Com: 4CD [CD Box Set]

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Remastered 1998 album with 77 bonus tracks and booklet
Track Listing

1. (There's Gonna Be) Sex Tonite
2. Whatareya?
3. Dumb 'n' Base
4. Thunderbirds Are Coming Out
5. Been Caught Wankin'
6. Denial Works for Me
7. The Parable of Glenn Mcgrath's Haircut
8. I Might Be a Cunt, but I'm Not a Fucking Cunt
9. Yob
10. Great Expectorations
11. A Hard-earned Thirst Needs a Big Cold Beer, but I Drink to Get Pissed
12. The Men's Room

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