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Lou Reed - Essential: 2CD [CD]

Lou Reed - Essential: 2CD [CD]

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Track Listing

1. Who Am I (Tripitena's Song) (Lou Reed)
2. I Wanna Be Black (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
3. Temporary Thing (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
4. Sweet Jane (2003 Remastered) (Lou Reed)
5. Shooting Star (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
6. Rock and Roll (2003 Remastered) (Lou Reed)
7. I'm Waiting for the Man (2003 Remastered) (Lou Reed)
8. Legendary Hearts (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
9. Heroin (Lou Reed)
10. White Light/White Heat (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
11. Coney Island Baby (2003 Remastered) (Lou Reed)
12. Street Hassle (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
13. The Last Shot (Lou Reed)
14. Berlin (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
15. Caroline Says Ii (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
16. The Bells (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
17. The Kids (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
18. Perfect Day (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
19. Walk On The Wild Side (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
20. Sally Can't Dance (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
21. Satellite Of Love (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
22. Kill Your Sons (Remastered) (Lou Reed)
23. Vicious (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
24. Nyc Man (Lou Reed)
25. Dirty Blvd. (Lou Reed)
26. The Blue Mask (2003 Remaster) (Lou Reed)
27. I'll Be Your Mirror (Lou Reed)
28. Rocket Minuet (Lou Reed)
29. Magic and Loss (Lou Reed)
30. Pale Blue Eyes (2003 Remastered) (Lou Reed)
31. Ecstasy (Lou Reed)

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