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Smokie - Needles and Pins: The Best Of 2CD [CD]

Smokie - Needles and Pins: The Best Of 2CD [CD]

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Track Listing

1. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone (Smokie)
2. If You Think You Know How To Love Me (Smokie)
3. Living Next Door To Alice (Smokie)
4. I'll Meet You At Midnight (Smokie)
5. It's Your Life (Smokie)
6. Oh Well, Oh Well (Smokie)
7. Don't Play Your Rock 'n' Roll To Me (Smokie)
8. Pass It Around (Smokie)
9. Needles And Pins (Smokie)
10. Headspin (Smokie)
11. Oh Carol (Smokie)
12. It's Natural (Smokie)
13. Wild Wild Angels (Smokie)
14. Changing All The Time (Smokie)
15. Something's Been Making Me Blue (Smokie)
16. Will You Love Me (Smokie)
17. Stumblin' In (Smokie)
18. Little Lucy (Smokie)
19. For A Few Dollars More (Smokie)
20. It Makes Me Money (Smokie)
21. Mexican Girl (Smokie)
22. Light Up My Life (Smokie)
23. Don't Turn Out Your Light (Smokie)
24. Liverpool Docks (Smokie)
25. We're Flyin' High (Smokie)
26. Walk Right Back (Smokie)
27. The Dancer (Smokie)
28. Julia (Smokie)
29. When My Back Was Against The Wall (Smokie)
30. What Can I Do? (Live) (Smokie)
31. Sunshine Avenue (Smokie)
32. In the Heat of the Night (Live) (Smokie)
33. Daydreamin' (Smokie)
34. A Day At The Mother-In-Law's (Smokie)
35. Living Next Door to Alice (Live) (Smokie)
36. The Girl Can't Help It (Smokie)

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