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Discharge - Why [CD]

Discharge - Why [CD]

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Remastered UK HC 1981 debut mini-LP with 14 bonus EP and live tracks
Track Listing

1. Visions of War (Discharge)
2. Does This System Work (Discharge)
3. A Look at Tomorrow (Discharge)
4. Why (Discharge)
5. Maimed and Slaughtered (Discharge)
6. Mania for Conquest (Discharge)
7. Ain't No Feeble Bastard (Discharge)
8. Is This to Be (Discharge)
9. Massacre of Innocents (Discharge)
10. Why Reprise (Discharge)
11. Realities of War (Discharge)
12. They Declare It (Discharge)
13. But After the Gig (Discharge)
14. Society's Victim (Discharge)
15. Fight Back (Discharge)
16. War's No Fairytale (Discharge)
17. Always Restrictions (Discharge)
18. You Take Part in Creating This System (Discharge)
19. Religion Instigates (Discharge)
20. Decontrol (Discharge)
21. It's No TV Sketch (Discharge)
22. Tomorrow Belongs to Us (Discharge)

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