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Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams: The Anthology 2CD [CD]

Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams: The Anthology 2CD [CD]

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Track Listing

1. Baltimore (Roy Buchanan)
2. Black Autumn (Roy Buchanan)
3. The Story Of Isaac (Roy Buchanan)
4. There'll Always Be (Roy Buchanan)
5. Sweet Dreams (Roy Buchanan)
6. Pete's Blue (Roy Buchanan)
7. The Messiah Will Come Again (Roy Buchanan)
8. Tribute To Elmore James (Roy Buchanan)
9. After Hours (Roy Buchanan)
10. Five String Blues (Roy Buchanan)
11. Cc Ryder (Roy Buchanan)
12. My Baby Says She's Gonna Leave Me (Roy Buchanan)
13. Please Don't Turn Me Away (Roy Buchanan)
14. Country Preacher (Roy Buchanan)
15. Wayfairing Pilgrim (Roy Buchanan)
16. Down By The River (Roy Buchanan)
17. I'm A Ram (Roy Buchanan)
18. I'm Evil (Roy Buchanan)
19. Good God Have Mercy (Roy Buchanan)
20. If Six Were Nine (Roy Buchanan)
21. Green Onions (Roy Buchanan)
22. Soul Dressing (Roy Buchanan)
23. Hey Joe (Roy Buchanan)
24. Fly...Night Bird (Roy Buchanan)
25. Turn To Stone (Roy Buchanan)
26. Dual Solioquy (Roy Buchanan)

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