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Saints - (I'm) Stranded [CD]

Saints - (I'm) Stranded [CD]

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Remastered 1977 debut album with 8 bonus tracks from 7 Inchs, EP and outtake
Track Listing

1. (I'm) Stranded (The Saints)
2. One Way Street (The Saints)
3. Wild About You (The Saints)
4. Messin' With The Kid (The Saints)
5. Erotic Neurotic (The Saints)
6. No Time (The Saints)
7. Kissin' Cousins (The Saints)
8. Story Of Love (The Saints)
9. Demolition Girl (The Saints)
10. Night in Venice (The Saints)
11. Lipstick On Your Collar (The Saints)
12. River Deep Mountain High (The Saints)

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