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Presley, Elvis / Carl Perkins / Jerry Le - Complete Million Dollar Quartet [CD]

Presley, Elvis / Carl Perkins / Jerry Le - Complete Million Dollar Quartet [CD]

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2ND HAND and GUARANTEED: Remastered 1956 session
Track Listing

1. Instrumental (Unknown) (Elvis Presley)
2. Love Me Tender (Instrumental) (Elvis Presley)
3. Jingle Bells (Instrumental) (Elvis Presley)
4. White Christmas (Instrumental) (Elvis Presley)
5. Reconsider Baby (Elvis Presley)
6. Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley)
7. Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley)
8. Paralyzed (Elvis Presley)
9. Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley)
10. There's No Place Like Home (Elvis Presley)
11. When The Saints Go Marchin' In (Elvis Presley)
12. Softly And Tenderly (Elvis Presley)
13. When God Dips His Love In My Heart (Elvis Presley)
14. Just A Little Talk With Jesus (Elvis Presley)
15. Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley (Extra Verse) (Elvis Presley)
16. I Shall Not Be Moved (Elvis Presley)
17. Peace In The Valley (Elvis Presley)
18. Down By The Riverside (Elvis Presley)
19. I'm With A Crowd But So Alone (Elvis Presley)
20. Farther Along (Elvis Presley)
21. Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand) (Elvis Presley)
22. On The Jericho Road (Elvis Presley)
23. I Just Can't Make It By Myself (Elvis Presley)
24. Little Cabin Home On The Hill (Elvis Presley)
25. Summertime Is Past And Gone (Elvis Presley)
26. I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling (Elvis Presley)
27. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong (Elvis Presley)
28. Keeper Of The Key (Elvis Presley)
29. Crazy Arms (Elvis Presley)
30. Don't Forbid Me (Elvis Presley)
31. Too Much Monkey Business (Elvis Presley)
32. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Elvis Presley)
33. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Elvis Presley)
34. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Elvis Presley)
35. Don't Forbid Me (Elvis Presley)
36. You Belong To My Heart (Elvis Presley)
37. Is It So Strange (Elvis Presley)
38. That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Elvis Presley)
39. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Elvis Presley)
40. Rip It Up (Elvis Presley)
41. I'm Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye (Elvis Presley)
42. Crazy Arms (Elvis Presley)
43. That's My Desire (Extra Verse) (Elvis Presley)
44. End Of The Road (Elvis Presley)
45. Black Bottom Stomp (Elvis Presley)
46. You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven (Elvis Presley)
47. Elvis Says Goodbye (Elvis Presley)

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