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Lionel Long - Waltzing Matilda [CD] [Second Hand]

Lionel Long - Waltzing Matilda [CD] [Second Hand]

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2ND HAND and GUARANTEED: Out-of-print Remastered 1961 album with 6 bonus tracks
Track Listing

1. Waltzing Matilda (Lionel Long)
2. Wallaby Stew (Lionel Long)
3. Reedy Lagoon (Lionel Long)
4. The Old Bullock Dray (Lionel Long)
5. Moreton Bay (Lionel Long)
6. The Drover's Dream (Lionel Long)
7. The Wild Colonial Boy (Lionel Long)
8. The Stockman's Last Bed (Lionel Long)
9. Ned Kelly (Lionel Long)
10. Namatjira (Lionel Long)
11. The Black Velvet Band (Lionel Long)
12. Click Go The Shears (Lionel Long)
13. Wild Rover No More (Lionel Long)
14. Botany Bay (Lionel Long)
15. Rush Away (Lionel Long)
16. Ring-A-Ling (Lionel Long)
17. The Ballad Of Cobb And Co. (Lionel Long)
18. Waltzing Matilda (Queensland Version) (Lionel Long)

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